Jason Riedel

Architect, Programmer, Cloud, and DevOps

I am a genuine, compassionate, customer & culture focused technology leader with significant experience in building & supporting Cloud Platforms & DevOps teams. I have a proven ability leading engineers to build highly available, and scalable distributed systems & platforms for a variety of business requirements against intense deadlines.

I am passionate about developing people & building a strong culture that enables people to realize their full potential and unleash their very best performance for the company and themselves. It is these cornerstones that enable me to make a significant positive impact on any person or project I encounter.

I am a seasoned senior level architect with experience designing and building infrastructure, software, and platforms at companies like PayPal, eBay, and Symantec where I built Openstack & AWS clouds. Over the last 20 years I have worked as a Systems Engineer, Network Engineer, and Programmer, which has enabled me to relate well to all engineers in any conversation against any business problem. As an architect I bring to the table a solid understanding of BASE, ACID, and the CAP Theorem enabling me to understand the best approach to building distributed systems across network boundaries to provide the highest availability and scalability.

Work Experience


Cave Creek, AZ
Technical Director, Architect
2016 - Present

I am working with the world class Cloud Platform & Engineering team @ Symantec to marry our existing Openstack cloud with AWS, Azure, and GCP public clouds to create a highly available, scalable, and secure hybrid cloud offering.


  • Successfully architected & implemented our AWS architecture & strategy and married it to our private Openstack cloud to create a cohesive hybrid cloud.
  • Currently, architecting & implementing our internal Cloud Intelligence Service to provide data driven insight and enable automation, provisioning, environmental consistency, security, and optimization.
  • Additionally, I am consulted on the architecture & implementation of identity services, showback billing, logging & metrics, monitoring, SDN, PaaS (containers), Image Management, and Big Data services.

Technologies we are using :
  • AWS, Openstack, OpenContrail, Calico, CEPH
  • Puppet, Ansible, Rundeck, Scalr, Kubernetes, Docker, Openshift
  • ELK (Elastic Search, Logstash, Kibana), Kafka, Storm, InfluxDB, Hadoop, MongoDB
  • Midpoint, Spinnaker, Janitor Monkey, Security Monkey and more.


Scottsdale, AZ
Sr. MTS Architect
2005 - 2016

Lead Operations Architect for the following efforts:

  • The Metro Datacenter program. As part of that I developed & implemented highly available infrastructure, datacenter, and application deployment patterns to scale our site by designing patterns to take advantage of stateful and stateless application characteristics.
  • A small elite team that designed & implemented Global Traffic Management capabilities for traffic routing between Availability Zones on failure.
  • The PayPal production DR (Disaster Recovery) program. I created the architecture & implementation plans for new infrastructure, application deployment patterns and datacenter designs.
  • Replatforming. Which was an initiative to re-write the production PayPal software servicing payments to enable high availability and scalability. To do this we implemented an in-memory NoSQL datastores, Journaling databases, and read only replicas.
  • A home grown NoSQL in memory only state-machine that provided fast, consistent data with high availability at incredible scale.
  • A home grown layer 7 router / proxy that replaced the sites front end routing and provided additional security & availability through automated retry of failed requests.
  • Capacity/Scalability efforts to reach X PPS (Payments Per Second) almost ever year)
  • The entire PayPal Checkout vertical including things like ship 2 funds
  • Point of Sale. Handled all aspects of operational deployment and architecture for the PayPal POS platform. Currently deployed & in use at Home Depot, Radio Shack, Baby's R Us and other retailers.
  • Caching for the Risk vertical using Terracotta
  • Re-pooling an effort to re-allocate production resources for capacity, performance, and availabilit
  • Messaging based on Apache MQueue
  • Provided Root Cause Analysis, drove restoration & remediation plans for significant site outages.
Code Projects:
  • Built tools in mainly Python to manage the PayPal site fleet including, but not limited to the management of our bare-metal, hypervisors, virtual machines, load balancers, storage, networking, and databases.
  • Wrote code to publish data into our configuration management service/system (CMDB) to enable various audit, remediation, and automation of our fleet.
  • Wrote automation for generating firewall rules.

Numerous positions

DevOps Engineer & Architect

Please see Linked for a complete list of job history


Top Skills



Expert, 19 years
Linux admin since 1997. Familiar with Slackware, Redhat (all flavors), Ubuntu, Gentoo, and Unix's FreeBSD, Solaris, AIX etc.

Private & Public Cloud

Expert, 12 years
I've worked with AWS, Openstack, VmWare, Kubernetes, and Docker. Supporting private datacenters for ISP's (Cable, DSL and Dialup), PayPal, eBay, and Symantec.


Advanced, 17 years
Strengths: Python, Go, Perl, PHP. Also familiar with Ruby, Java, C, C++, Objective-C and Web languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript)

Other Skills

Python Go
AWS Openstack VmWare Docker Kubernetes
Puppet Ansible Terraform Spinnaker Jenkins
MySql MongoDB ElasticSearch Redis Consul
Bind9 Postfix Apache Tomcat NGINX HAProxy


Get in Touch

I am currently available for freelance work.

I can help with the following:

  • Openstack, AWS, Linux, Unix
  • DevOps automation & configuration management
  • Coding Python/Django/Flask, Go, Perl, PHP, Ruby etc
  • Application, datacenter and deployment architecture for HA
  • Networking
  • Security and more...

Drop me a line at jason.riedel@gmail.com or call me at 1 480 269 4342